Carmel Construction/Closures

US 31 speed limit in Carmel raised to 55 mph

As of Aug. 29, the final speed limit of 55 mph is in place along the US 31 freeway in Carmel. Motorists must follow posted speed limit signage, including instances of temporary speed limit reductions.

Truck ban reinstated on Keystone Pkwy in April 2016

Heavy semi-trucks are no longer allowed on Keystone Parkway as a result of the substantial completion of the US 31 project. During major construction, trucks were temporarily permitted on Keystone Parkway.

The prohibition covers trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or a Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 19,501 pounds or more. Exceptions are made for trucks delivering or picking up goods or performing services at local businesses; and for government-owned vehicles. Violations of this ordinance may result in a fine of up to $500.

Meridian Street traffic shifted between 96th and 106th streets

On April 13, crews shifted all traffic on Meridian Street between 96th and 106th streets to the west side of the roadway. For approximately two months, contractors will work to build new northbound travel lanes and paint the US 31/I-465 bridges. See the map below for details.

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Anticipated completion of US 31/I-465, 106th Street and 116th Street

All remaining road work for The New US 31 Hamilton County project is expected to be complete by the end of July. This work includes:

Access in Carmel

East/west access over US 31 is now available at 111th Street and 126th Street/Carmel Drive. Direct access to/from US 31 in Carmel remains available via:

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