US 31 Hamilton County Out-of-Sequence Acquisition

It is INDOT’S normal policy to start land acquisition activities approximately 24 months prior to beginning construction on each segment. Any property affected by the US 31 Hamilton County project that is to be acquired prior to the time scheduled for a particular area will be considered an “out-of-sequence” acquisition and must meet one of the conditions below.

In addition, out-of-sequence acquisitions must be total property acquisitions or partial property acquisitions in areas where the final design has been approved. Also, out-of-sequence acquisitions will be prioritized by construction sequencing and funding availability.

Information and documentation supporting the property owner’s request for out-of-sequence acquisition is based on one of the following categories:

1.) Health

a. Debilitating illness or injury, ambulatory or other major disability or handicap of a long-term nature, where present housing facilities are inadequate or cannot be maintained by the owner, causing an undue hardship compared to others awaiting project development.

b. Other extraordinary conditions posing a significant threat to the health, safety, and/or welfare of the owner-occupant or a member of his/her household for whom he/she is responsible.

Acceptable documentation for either health category includes a doctor’s statement clearly stating the medical reason the patient should relocate.

2.) Financial

a. Job transfer verified by employer or other source.

b. Pending bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, tax sales, etc., including copies of actual documents.

c. Any documented situation similar in impact to those stated above.

and, documents the inability to sell the property because of impending project, at fair market value, within a time period typical for similar properties not impacted by the project (a minimum of 3 months). Acceptable documentation includes the real estate listing agreement with broker’s statement indicating the property is not marketable due to the impending highway project. Also accepted would be proof of the owner’s attempt to market the property themselves through local newspaper advertising (minimum of 3 advertisements).

All out-of-sequence acquisitions will be based within INDOT’s budgetary constraints.