Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

The Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS)
documents the potential effects of the proposed project on the US 31
Hamilton County corridor.

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The Complete SDEIS Study

SDEIS Cover and Table of Contents

The SDEIS Appendices

Appendix A: Index – Environmental Features: Single Preferred Alternative – (3.5 MB)

Appendix B: Traffic and Capacity Analysis

Appendix B-1: Traffic Forecast Report 2015 & 2035 Forecasts

Appendix B-2: Capacity Analysis Report Years 2015 & 2035

Appendix B-3: Major Moves Alternative Capacity Analysis Report, 2035

Appendix C: Correspondence

Appendix D: Distribution of Supplemental DEIS – (14 KB)

Transmittal Letter – (446KB)

Signature Page – (550KB)